Legal Centers for Breeding and Responsible Care

ASCELCRE is the Association of Legal Centers for Responsible Care and Breeding, and is comprised of pet hotels, dog houses, breeding centers and training centers. The Association verifies that the members comply with the current legislation in each community.

Welcome to ASCELCRE, the Association of Legal Centers of Breeding and Responsible Care.

All the centers that you will find here, have the guarantee of the association, which proves that they have the Zoo Nucleus (or the equivalent in each community), Activity License, and Insurance Number.

United by the need of recognition of the professionalization of the sector and to promote responsible work with animals, we signed in May 2017 the act of constitution of the association. This project at the state level makes it possible for breeders, dog hotels and trainers to establish the best parameters of care for pets, always taking into account the law and the ethical code of the association.

We welcome you to our association, and specifically to this web page, where you will find information about animal centers, zoological centers, guides where to find your nearest ASCELCRE center, and news about the world of dogs. We encourage you in the same way to meet us on social networks and download our ASCELCRE app, available for IOS and Android.

If you have any questions or want more information, you can contact us through the phone. 622.48.48.21 or email

Gato Bengalí
Photo courtesy of Ramazan


The association offers free advice to all those people who are thinking about acquiring a pet, who need to leave their pet in a residence or the services of a trainer. They have at their disposal the links to the web of our associates and in the search engine the breed you are looking for will be linked with the breeder.

Bichon Habanero
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Breeders of dogs, cats, ferrets and birds; canine and feline residences, and trainers who put their experience and knowledge at the service of the association. Only those who admit our code of ethics, which requires more strict minimums, than those that the law establishes at this time, will be admitted as partners.

Bulldog Inglés
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Join us

Are you a responsible and legal breeder, with a Zoo Nucleus and Activity License? A residence, canine hotel, feline or other animals? Are you a trainer with a physical training center? Get in touch with us and we talk. Are you in the process, or do you doubt if you can do it? We explain the general steps to request it and the minimums that are required, saving the autonomic differences.