Ethical code

Breeding and Legal Care

The activity of the professional of the breeding and the care is governed, first of all, by the principles of legality established by the Spanish State and the European Community.

The professional will not lend his name, signature or business seal to people who illegitimately, without the corresponding licenses, carry out the sale or the care of pets.

No animals will be sold for laboratory tests, pet shops or people who cause suspicion as to the treatment of the animal. Neither will they be offered as a raffle or competition prize.

Gato Bengalí
Photo courtesy of Ramazan

Breeding and Responsible Care

The partners will only breed with healthy animals, free from known serious hereditary defects. For this, they will carry out the corresponding veterinary analyzes or studies. At all times, the improvement of the race and its individuals must be the greatest aspiration.

All animals will be in good health, both physical and psychological, with adequate care and attention for each of them

All the players will enjoy adequate housing, sufficient space, protected from inclement weather, complete veterinary assistance, and correct food.

The dog handlers and residences will guarantee at all times the physical and psychological health of the animal while they are under their direct care. Under no circumstances will the animal be endangered.

Photo courtesy of Cerros de Aguila

Breeding and Care Transparent

The professional will be available for any questions that arise to the client, being answered at the appropriate time on health issues, food, care and education of the pet.

Ascelccre members will have the obligation to report to the agency the cases of mistreatment of animals that they have knowledge of.

The breeder or caregiver must be professionally prepared and specialized in the use of methods, instruments, techniques and procedures that he adopts in his work. The continuous effort to update your professional competence is part of their work. You must recognize the limits of your competence and the limitations of your techniques.

All partners' announcements on this as well as on other publication pages will keep complete and accurate truthfulness of the puppy data.

Golden Retriever
Photo courtesy of Las Damas