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In the Spanish state any person wishing to engage in the activity of breeding and / or care should perform it according to conditions,

     Zoo number of breeding, residence or training. It is issued by the Government Delegation, Diputación etc. under specific conditions of each community.
     Application to the City Council for an activity license.
     Registration in Social Security (generally, in the autonomous system)
     Iva, irpf, etc. that entails the commercial activity.

A legal center is supervised by the government officials designated for the control tasks: Seprona, Mossos de escuadra, veterinarians of the regional governments, county councils, and town halls. This guarantees that the animals are in optimal conditions and that the current law is being complied with.

Why buy or use the services of a legal center?

An activity, a permit, a respect. Each one will choose the option that best suits their needs, but from the knowledge that who is in that center has supervision. In the offer offered among our associates, you will find who you like and who does not, but it is the client who decides with freedom and knowledge. Not all centers are large; they have different measures and house a different number of animals according to the size of the facilities, the type of these and the human or other available resources. We ask, yes, that everyone has permits that prove to develop the activity they offer.

The rules that the State puts us to work, are not based on whims, are based on the minimum required to consider well cared for animals; and in respect for the people who live in the environment of the development of the activity. Each center opts to improve the minimums it can offer and its professionalism will be what guides them in these improvements.

The coexistence and respect is the reason why the breeding and care centers are not usually in urban population centers, since the municipalities regulate the land uses so that the annoying activities do not alter the coexistence. In the same way that no one wants a nightclub in the bajeras of their urbanization, even if it is tiny, or a carpenter can no longer install his workshop in the center of a town.

Is raising without permits fostering abandonment?

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Raising without controls encourages abandonment.

In a Breeding Zoo Nucleus, the animals have to be delivered healthy and identified, in addition to delivering legal bills, guarantees, etc. It is called animal traceability and carries an expense passed on to the final price.

When thinking about acquiring a new member of the family, we can study several options. Whoever acquires a pet from a breeder should know that it is not the cheapest option, at least in appearance. A breeder takes care of parents and puppies, their physical and psychological needs, their well-being in general and their mimes, until they can go to their new home. Apart from that, they take care of all the veterinary tests, all the genetic analyzes, and all the paperwork involved in a breeding center. But it is also a price that guarantees the health of your puppy.

We can also adopt a serious protector, consult your town hall to find out what operates in your city. They must keep track of the adoptions made, so it is possible that they carry out exhaustive interviews to get to know you better, and ask for a certain logical amount to cover the expenses generated by the maintenance.

But if you buy an individual without a Zoo Nucleus or Activity License, without an invoice or a receipt with a concept that is not the one you have acquired, no authority can verify the origin of that animal, nor can it demand responsibility for any problem.

And finally, we find the shops or false breeders that bring pets from other countries, as the name indicates, they are not breeders with Zoological Center, breeding or legal or responsible, but mere importers.

Those who suffer this behavior that we dislike, are those who have no voice, and who are also in those hands that no one supervises. Demand responsible breeding, always. Let's be Europeans in animal welfare.

If you have any doubts, you can go to our association and ask us, all our associates have had to show that their efforts are carried out and there is an ethical code that they must respect.


Why does it make us sick to raise or use hotel services or training without permits?

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The economic fraud in this sector is so high that the association was born with the aim of asking the authorities to change this situation.

We can boast of being the only Professional Association of Breeders, Residences and Trainers in Spain that can guarantee that all its members are really breeders with Breeding Zoos and that they do so with the highest ethical values required.

The number of people selling or caring for animals on an irregular basis could be more than 10,000, and the Zoological Breeding Centers throughout Spain (breeding, not collection, not hotel, not sale) do not exceed 80. Yes, you have read well, 80 legal versus 10,000 irregular, although when we talk about hotels and training the figure rises so much that we do not know the real numbers.

An excessive burden for the whole society that contributes rigorously its corresponding taxes to the state. We all want hospitals, schools and pensions, services that are paid with our taxes. That fraud is also having an impact on everyone.

Pet sitter apps on flats do not verify facilities or training nor the legality of those offered. And although if someone hires a pet service at the home of the pet is legal, that same at the caretaker's home would be considered a daycare, an inn or pet hotel. The human or pet nurseries have very strict rules to fulfill: the first one, that you can not establish that type of business in a flat disturbing the rest of the neighbors, since they do not want that type of business.