Coton de Tulear
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The Mission of the Association of Centers and Legal Responsible Care and Breeding (ASCELCCRE)


     Introduce the legal and responsible Breeding and Care Centers of Spain to the general public
     Defend the rights of the legal and responsible Breeders and Caregivers
     Ensure an ethical, legal and responsible breeding of pet animals
     Ensure good physical and mental health for those dogs that are treated by a care professional.
     Advise and guide new breeders and caregivers who want to open new breeding centers or formalize existing ones.
     Create social awareness about the breeding and care of dogs, cats and birds.
     The professionalization of the breeding sector and the care of pets. Show pride in our profession.
     Help in the preservation of specific breeds of pets.

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The Vision of the Association of Legal Centers of Breeding and Responsible Care (ASCELCCRE)

     Create a new concept of pet breeding, more ethical and responsible, according to the law and the Animal Rights Act of the European Community.
     Associate the legal and professional word to the world of pet care.
     Help to evolve the concept of hatchery to couple it only to define those legal and responsible centers. Disassociate it from the terms eastern farms, puppy farms, etc.
     Be a reference in the breeding and care of pets, through the control of associates, creating courses and tools for them to improve their work of breeding and responsible care.

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The Values of the Association of Legal Centers of Breeding and Responsible Care (ASCELCCRE)


     Responsibility: All the associates accept the ethical code of the association, and are responsible with the type of breeding and care that is carried out in their facilities.
     Respect: To animals and people, always answering any questions that arise in the shortest possible time.
     Transparency: for the acts of the association and the associates. Always promising clarity and good practice in the exercise as an association.
     Seriousness: always respecting legality, the association is committed to work seriously and effectively to achieve the mission and vision of it.